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October 22, 2021


Have you ever visited the Single Cell Portal to search for interesting data, and gotten lost in all of the studies? Or, have you ever wished that you could easily point another researcher toward all of the data that you have on SCP, without sending them a separate link for each study?

If either of these stories sounds familiar, you can now take advantage of SCP's study collections. Collections are curated sets of studies that share a common topic or research group. If you've come to SCP to learn more about a specific research topic or group, browse through these collections to narrow your search down to the studies you're most likely to be interested in. And if you -- or your lab -- have several studies in SCP, you can create a collection in order to share your work more easily. Creating a collection simply opens a separate gateway where users can access and search just the studies that you've added there. This makes it easy to direct other researchers to your line of work -- a single link to your collection will navigate them to your collection, where they can explore all of the work that you’ve published to SCP. 

For example, check out the BICCN Anatomy and Morphology Project collection, which pulls together work from the BICCN consortium on neurological genomics. Click on the “more info” link above to learn more about setting up your own collection!