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  • Want to find datasets that have your cell type or disease of interest that express a specific gene? Combine SCP study search with cross-study gene search to look for useful datasets. Re-visiting refined views of data visualizations within SCP is now easier with SCP Bookmarks! 


    Cross-study gene search


    On the SCP home page, you can look for datasets with any combination of criteria. Once you've settled on the best search criteria, you can now click the Search genes tab on the SCP home page and perform a gene search limited to those studies. This search view can be bookmarked so you can revisit the gene search or perform different gene searches in the future on the same set of studies. (Search results may change over time as datasets are added to SCP).


    You can visually inspect the violin plots to identify a subset of interesting studies. On the...

  • Exploration of gene expression variation across cell types is easily achieved for the typical clustered embedding plots. Visual inspection along other variables of interest (such as drug treatment, time point, cell cycle, etc.) in a clustered embedding plot is less straightforward because the cells from different states in the variable of interest are grouped by cell type causing datapoints from different states to overlap.

    Use plot filtering to drill down into the data by isolating subsets of cells based on available experimental metadata. 

    For example, how does TNC expression vary over the course of lactation (milk_stage)?