Study: FoxP3- CD4+ Tconv cells and FoxP3+ CD4+ Treg cells from secondary lymphoid organs 2116 cells

Single cell transcriptomic analysis (InDrops) of mouse FoxP3- CD4+ Tconv cells and FoxP3+ regulatory CD4+ T cells isolated from secondary lymphoid organs.


CD4+ T regulatory cells (Treg) are central to immune homeostasis, their phenotypic heterogeneity reflecting the diverse environments and target cells that they regulate. To understand this heterogeneity, we combined single-cell RNA-seq, activation reporter and T cell receptor (TCR) analysis to profile thousands of Treg or conventional CD4+FoxP3- T cells (Tconv) from mouse lymphoid organs. Treg and Tconv pools showed areas of overlap, as resting 'furtive' Tregs (category 1) with overall similarity to Tconvs or as a convergence of activated states (categories: 2/3/4).


Spleen were mechanically dissociated to single cell suspensions. FoxP3+ and FoxP3- cells were sorted by flow cytometry as DAPI- TCRb+ CD4+ GFP+ cells. Single cells were then encapsulated in nanodroplets according to the InDrops protocol.


· Zemmour D, Zilionis R, Kiner E, Klein AM et al. Single-cell gene expression reveals a landscape of regulatory T cell phenotypes shaped by the TCR. Nat Immunol 2018 Mar;19(3):291-301. PMID: 29434354

· Data availability: GEO: GSE110547